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Each year, the Nextail "Fashion's newest CEOs” study dives deep into CEO changes in major fashion brands across North America and Europe - giving a sneak peek into industry trends and what we can look forward to from those shaping the future of retail.

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Fashion’s newest CEOs at the top of 2023

The “ambidextrous” fashion leader

Recent CEO changes in major fashion brands have led to a shift in talent preferences. New fashion CEOs are 70.9% more likely to have expertise in retail operations, which is a significant increase compared to their predecessors. Additionally, there is a growing demand for analytical and digital expertise, indicating the need for innovative strategies amidst market uncertainty. The biggest market opportunities and challenges in the retail sectors are in luxury, department store/e-commerce marketplace, and fast fashion. 


Fashion’s newest CEOs at the top of 2022

Leading through uncharted waters

Over 80 new fashion CEOs were appointed by brands and retailers to tackle challenges from the pandemic, supply chain complexities, and digital opportunities.  "Fashion’s Newest CEOs at the Top of 2022" examines these leaders and their predecessors to understand the industry's future direction, ongoing issues from supply chain disruptions, and the "Great Resignation," leading to mixed signals in CEO appointments. 92.3% of incoming CEOs bring fashion industry experience and 43.6% of these newcomers have held the fashion CEO role in the past 3 years.


Fashion’s newest CEOs at the top of 2021

Forging ahead despite a year of crisis

Over 100 fashion CEOs have changed in 2020 despite it being the most disruptive year in recent memory, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This lead to a natural risk of aversion and fashion CEOs sought out the most seasoned professionals for quick, decisive action. Companies prepared for long-term goals like gender parity, digital, sustainable, and diverse future through their leadership choices. In 2020, female representation in the CEO role grew by 95.1% when compared with predecessors. 


Fashion’s newest CEOs at the top of 2020

What the new leaders mean for the future and direction of the industry

In 2019, the fashion industry experienced a high number of CEO departures, leading to a study on the new CEOs and their predecessors. The research revealed that successful fashion company leaders now require a mix of retail operations, product expertise, and analytical skills, particularly due to the industry's increasing digital transformation. New CEOs are bringing 81% more analytical backgrounds than their predecessors. The report emphasizes the importance of embracing advanced technology and a data-forward mindset for agile retail in the new decade.